California Fly Fishers Unlimited Guided Fly Fishing Testimonial - June, 2016

Just fished Crowley lake with midges for the first time.  My advice would be to hire Ernie Gulley who Jeff is fishing with on club trip.  Nice guy and learned a ton.  Jeff may have him for one day but I'd try to book him for the other days.  We fished by ourselves the first day with only 1 fish. We fished with Ernie for a day and half and landed 40-50 fish both days.  At the same time, very few people around us were catching fish consistently like us.  He knows his stuff and also allows his fellow guides to fish next to him and tells them what to use.  He says that flies need to be pretty specific.  Don't ask me as you'll be fishing a different time of year and the flies we used were different than the ones we were told to tie as it constantly changes.  We were definately top boat the days we fished with Ernie and probably 30-50 boats on the water all in Mcgee Bay.  Ask Jeff if you want to book Ernie for the club outing.

Valerie Adams

Tahoe Truckee Fly Fishers Club - April 30th, 2016

On behalf of the TTFF Club thank you for a informative, interesting and entertaining presentation. I heard from several members that rated it the best presentation the Club has had. Your attention to detail in your visuals as well as your delivery makes the information presented easy and enjoyable to follow. It’s clear you put a lot of time in to the presentations. I’m looking forward to trying out some of the techniques and ideas you discussed. I think it sure to improve my stillwater fishing.

I hope to get down south and fish with you some day. Nothing like learning from the master.

Gold Country Fly Fishers - March 12th, 2015

I have had a number of great reports on your visit and the professionalism and details in your presentation. You drew a great crowd which always gets things going for the year. One fellow said that it was possibly the best that we have had here in a number of years. Neighbor dropped by today and requested a chart or drawing of rigging that we could run in our Newsletter.  He said not enough time to write it down that evening. Sorry I missed the program, but hope to fish with you this year.  Will know dates of our group visit to Mammoth in month or two.  Ecuador and Galapagos Islands trip of a lifetime.

January 11th, 2015

Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed your presentation of Crowley Lake.  Even though your voice was giving out, I thought the content was extremely informative and very educational.  I have been fishing for quite a few years, and definitely picked up some tips that I know will help to improve my skills.  

Do you have your clinic dates set for 2015?  Please let me know if you do.  Also, I would be interested in seeing some pictures of your flies if you would be willing to share.  

Truckee River Fly Fishers - March 15th, 2014

I just want to say that that was one of the best, if not the best presentations I have ever listened to.  Also, I had nothing but glowing reports from the other club members.  You presented where to fish by season, what to use and how to use it.  The pictures of the midge pupae were the first I've ever seen.  All in all a terrific job.  Jimmy Greenhalgh (a fellow club member) and I are coming down to hire you one day this summer.

Deep Creek Fly Fishers - 3/10/13

I want to thank you again for the excellent program yesterday.  We had 19 attendees, possibly a club record!  Several folks came up to me and made very complimentary comments along the lines of "He's really good!".  To which I replied "Yes he is".  Hopefully, this will be good PR for you that translates into some trips for this coming season.

Sorry about your PC misfortunes.  They did inspire me to back up to my external hard drive, a task for later today.

Looking forward to fishing with you some time this summer, as well as the 5 Dot clinic in September.

Crowley Lake Six Bays Stillwater Class - 9/21/2012

Your class was the highlight of my trip to Mammoth and I caught more big fish that I ever have.
Thanks.   I learned a lot about multiple fly rigs, Crowley, and I appreciate all the photos.  
I will recommend you as a Stillwater guide to anyone.
Thanks again for a day to remember.


The June 2013  5 DOT Clinic was absolutely stellar! It was by far the very best clinic we have had so far. This was undoubtably due to the acquisition of guide/instructor Ernie Gulley. Ernie is a phenomenal teacher and angler, his techniques are second to none. Working with him made my job  easier much more and enjoyable. As always we were fortunate to have outstanding client/students.  They spent the two days soaking up as much information as possible. The lake was in excellent shape offering a number of different angling opportunities. We had some prolific sight fishing "peek a boo" style, "Floater no Cator", and indicator "DCA" situations. Again, ideal  conditions. Along with all of this our camp cook Loren Schweigert did a solid job feeding the group. We have just a few spots left for the July clinic so don't wait, book now!  Check out Robby Hogg with this big rainbow "sight fishing"at the clinic.

At 5 Dot Fishing Is Learning - June 2013

I love learning about fishing. I guess that is why I sometimes throat sample fish with a small hand pump to see what they are eating. I also love learning about fishing from good teachers who have exceptional teaching ability. For me good teachers are passionate about their subject and deeply care about their students being successful with what they are learning. My good friend KD a while back pointed out to me that fishing is learning. This last weekend I was reminded about this once again. Doug Ouellette’s Recent 5 Dot Stillwater Clinic demonstrates excellent teaching. Doug has pulled together a team of experts to help workshop participants better understand fishing stillwaters. This last weekend I attended my third 5 Dot Stillwater clinic and once again came away with new learnings. Doug is always adding new things to help keep the clinic fresh. This year Doug invited Ernie Gulley who is an excellent teacher and chironomid expert. Ernie’s home water is Lake Crowley and at times his clients boat over 100 fish a day. Ernie works with 200 plus chironomid color combinations . Ernie willingly shared important details that make for successful midge fishing. Doug also brought in a friend that is an expert at fishing from the shore. Doug’s friend took students and walked the shoreline and coached them while they stalked fish and landed them. This experience will prove to be valuable the next time these anglers approach a stillwater from shore. Doug helps the angler effectively set up their rod so that the leader efficiently fishes the target depth. Doug also points out details about fly selection that helps build your confidence and how to retrieve them for optimum results. In the end you spend a lot of time on a first class Stillwater learning about fishing.

Gold Country Fly Fishers - March 06th, 2015

I enjoyed talking with you last night and want to congratulate you for putting on one of, if not the best presentation that the Gold Country Fly Fishers have ever witnessed. Your presentation on Crowley Lake had just the right mix of information about the locations to fish and how they change through the seasons and very detailed explanations of the tactics for fishing the lake. We have a lot of members that are skilled stillwater anglers and they were all reminded that there is always more to learn. You provided them new insights as to fishing stillwater. I know I can't wait to try some of the techniques you showed us.  Kudos from our club.

Gold Country Fly Fishers - March 06th, 2015

I must say I enjoyed Ernie’s presentation on Crowley not so much for all the pretty pictures, but for his explanation on the life cycle of the bugs and the perch. Obviously we have to put our flies where the fish are going to see them……. his explanation about the proper depth was useful. Us regular fishers know this, but to be reminded and to see a clear presentation was helpful. I will think about this more when I fish other venues as well.

I’ve fished Crowley several times… and now with new info I think I’ll do better next time.

January 14th 2015

Saw your Crowley Lake presentation at the Sacramento International Sportsmens Expo, most complete info ever, 

March 8th 2014

Your presentation was great. You were the best presentor we've had in memory.


*Totally Pro

Your report on Goodwin Lake is one of the best descriptions I have ever read about fishing a stillwater environment.  
You broke down every aspect.  How you evaluated and applied your understandings.
You connected so many dots it creates a great picture / plan on how one might approach the lake and fish with confidence.
I see why now Doug Ouellette looks at you as a total pro.

Fly Fisher’s Club of Orange County, CA - April, 2012

I am the Program Chairman for the Fly Fisher’s Club of Orange County, CA. 

In April of 2012 I had the pleasure of meeting Ernie Gulley as he presented to our club a program on Crowley Lakein the eastern Sierra’s. I personally have fished Crowley Lake for over 20 years, and have attended many seminars and listened to several speakers on this great fishery.  Ernie Gulley’s presentation on Crowley Lake was outstanding – the best I have heard. What makes Ernie’s program so great is that he not only shares with you his own detailed knowledge of the lake, he also gives you other information and strategies from many well known experts on how to succeed on this great stillwater.  He then follows up by giving each person in attendance his Crowley Lake notebook, which is a great tool for future reference. 

In October of 2012 Ernie Gulley re-visited our club and gave us another fantastic program on another great stillwater, Pyramid Lake in Nevada. Since then many of us have fished with Ernie, and he has become a welcomed friend, guide and mentor to the Fly Fisher’s Club of Orange County. Ernie Gulley is truly a stillwater expert and gentleman who is always eager to share his knowledge with others and promote the sport of fly fishing.

I proudly recommend Ernie Gulley to any club or organization who is looking for an outstanding program on the stillwaters of Crowley and Pyramid lakes.